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Spine Unwind (R) 1 Day Program

Time flew past as Vicki demonstrated many simple, practical exercises to help us “unwind”.  We were able to practice these exercises while Vicki patiently ensured we were all getting it right.

I found Vicki Tate to be relaxed, confident, patient and informative throughout the day, and I was able to relax and enjoy the whole experience.

We were given a manual to take away with us so that we could easily revisit the exercises.

I really want to thank Vicki for giving me the tools to help myself.

I am already experiencing the benefit of these simple exercises.  Headaches were the norm for me on most days and are now a rarity.  My shoulders and neck feel more relaxed and my lower back  does not ache as much as it did.  I am no longer dreading ongoing deterioration and increased pain. It’s good to know that things are improving every day.

Thank you Vicki!!

Sandi Marriott, Peak Crossing Qld


I am a 52-year-old man diagnosed with a blood disorder.  I was told it is incurable.

I found Vicki while looking for an EFT practitioner as I thought I might receive some benefit. Vicki was just the right person to be guided to. She is a person of integrity and enormous warmth. She has a remarkable understanding of EFT and helps you to bring to light old destructive thought patterns and un-dealt with negative experiences.

Even though I originally sought help for a specific health condition, within a few weeks, we sifted through my life and confronting certain experiences that left their marks. It was a natural progression and an easy process.

Vicki is a true professional and a pleasure to spend time with. I have no doubt I benefited greatly from my time with her. If you have tried other health professions with no success I would highly recommend giving Vicki and her whole range of services a try.

Thank you Vicki

Philippe Gillerat, Chapel Hill Qld


The workshop on Sunday was a great day where we got to meet other people wanting to learn the great skills of the Spine Unwind (R) Program. It was great to know that there are other people out there that are suffering from scoliosis and that Vicki is willing to help us over-come the pain that we endure every day.

Vicki is amazing and I personally believe that she can help anyone. Since I have met her, the curvature in my spine has decreased and I have experienced no pain. She is such an inspiration!

Sophie Wildman age 16, Victoria Point, Qld

I am 49 years old and I have a relatively mild scoliosis. The curvatures are bad enough to cause me back pain and it has affected my posture. I have been put in the too hard basket by the medical practitioners or it has been considered  not serious enough for the only options of bracing or surgery.
After a while you just start to assume that it is your fault that you don’t stand up as straight as everybody else. It is your fault that you bump into things as you are clumsy.What a revelation it was to meet Vicki. I now know that it is not my fault that I bump into things as my spatial awareness of where my body is, has been affected by the scoliosis. It is normal to have postural issues with my type of scoliosis.Attending the Spine Unwind (R)  day of special exercises was very educational for me. Meeting other people with the same issues gave me a much greater understanding and the opportunity to finally start addressing this insidious and difficult problem. I feel very optimistic about my future prognosis as I trust Vicki’s commitment in helping me correct my spinal issues.What a relief it is to finally have someone that is genuinely interested in helping me to live a pain free, and dare I say, “normal” healthy life.
Thank you Vicki
 Sonya Wilson, Redland Bay Qld


As a result of attending Vicki’ s Spine Unwind (R) Workshop and learning about this method of gentle  inner directed movements to bring about balance in the body, I am looking at undertaking further study of Ortho-Bionomy as a tool to supplement my yoga teaching and as well, to overcome my own upper back, shoulder and neck pain and stiffness.

Used in a yoga class, I feel that it would provide a deeper awareness and connection with the body.  Teaching mainly the more mature age, I see it as a tool my students could use to re-gain freedom and mobility which is lost by the aging process.

Tricia Ryan, Auchenflower, Qld


I attended Vicki’s Spine Unwind (R) seminar on the 1st July not really knowing what to expect.  I have Scoliosis and Osteoporosis with a sore shoulder and neck.  At the seminar, Vicki showed simple exercises designed to help these types of problems.  After a couple of weeks, I noticed a marked improvement in my level of pain and a gain in height of 1 centimetre.After such results in a short time, I look forward to even more and can’t thank Vicki enough for what she has helped me achieve.

J. Quinn, Brisbane Qld


I can vouch that the benefits of Spine Unwind (R) therapy are quite simply amazing. Under the expert care of Vicki Tate of  Body and Spine Align, I have gone from being in constant pain to being 99% pain free and my spine has begun to noticeably straighten out. At 53 years of age this is something I never expected would happen. Until recently, I continued routinely using chiropractic and also remedial massage. I can’t stress enough how wonderful Vicki’s treatment is.

She is the only person who has dramatically changed my spine for the better. All other avenues I have tried have merely addressed the problems caused by scoliosis, but have not dealt with the scoliosis itself. The Spine Unwind program does just that and Vicki goes to great lengths to ensure I am comfortable with the treatment and that I understand what she does and how it works.

Anna O’Driscoll, Coorparoo Qld


Having known Vicki for several years as both a colleague and friend within the Ortho-Bionomy field I can highly recommend the Spine Unwind (R) workshop.    I value Vicki’s honesty and willingness to share her skills and wisdom in her approach to the spine and scoliosis problems.I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to become more empowered in their lives, and work towards being pain free.

Allanah M, Kelvin Grove Qld


I  met Vicki at a 5 day seminar. I had seen her a couple of times helping some of the other participants. I have a lower back scoliosis after a weight training accident. Sitting for 8 – 10 hours leaves me in considerable pain. We were mid way through day 5 of the event and my lower back by now was really causing me pain.

I finally decided to approach Vicki and see if there was anything she could recommend. We had a brief chat and then she checked my posture and alignment. What happened next still defies my belief. She asked me to lie on my back and literally spent less than 3 minutes doing the simplest, most subtle movement imaginable – TWICE! Literally just 2 times!

The relief was instantaneous. I experienced a warming sensation in my lower lumbar area along with what I can only describe as a sort of gentle tingling sensation. Unbelievable. And I’m still in awe of the subtlety of the movement. That evening I flew back to Perth from Sydney. I can tell you I was not looking forward to a further 5 hours of sitting, but to my amazement I only experienced a little discomfort, with instantaneous relief once I stood up!

This lady deserves your attention – her technique is unique – so subtle yet so powerful. Thank you Vicki.

Ian Clark -Perth WA


Dear Vicki, I’m having a fantastic time in Italy – and thanks to you my back is holding up REALLY well even after the first 24 hours to Dubai then Rome. In fact, not even sore or tired in my spine – unbelievable!! I’m able to thoroughly enjoy my trip now.  Thank you.

Krista C, Holland Park Qld


I want to thank you so much for helping me through my pregnancy. I really don’t think I could have gotten through it without you – unless it was going to be complete bed rest and that doesn’t go so well with me.

Kylie C, Murrarie


I was referred to Vicki by a friend, as she had done so much for her. My neck and shoulder muscles had seized after some strong manipulations done by a chiropractor.  I couldn’t move.  In just a couple of sessions with Vicki, my muscles relaxed and my skeletal system was in alignment.  Vicki’s has a gentle but powerful approach which she brings to Ortho-Bionomy. She has proven to me that she is a natural healer.  I now see Vicki for maintenance.

Irenee B, New Farm


Vicki was referred to me by a close friend who is a yoga teacher.   After a few visit to Vicki, I had more flexibility and mobility in my shoulder/upper arm than I’ve had in 5 years. Also and a recent knee problem was well on its way to disappearing.
I love the fact that Vicki gives you simple but extremely effective exercises.  On reflection, that is probably one of her skills that keeps me returning and referring Vicki  she will correctly identify the problem and work at strengthening areas that provide the solution.She keeps listening to your body and solving the problem with quiet confidence and always gentle and effective care.
I have referred Vicki on many occasions, and each time I’m thanked with amazement and gratitude by those people who have acted on my suggestion and made that initial appointment.

Michele O’B, Norman Park


My name is Anne Paterson. I have studied and practiced Ortho-Bionomy for a little over eight years.

Our ‘Learning for Life’ never ends. Our bodies are all to willing to give us another lesson to learn. The most challenging has been the number of clients who have been struggling with issues related to their spinal integrity. Many of them are tending to increased Scoliosis. I have been searching for more information to learn how to give my clients the skills to regain control of their Spinal Core.

I was delighted to attend Vicki’s Spine Unwind (R) Workshop at the beginning of July.

Though I had done some of these Self Care movements in my early training, Vicki presented them with much more awareness and with a different perspective that has allowed me to understand the depth of influence these simple targeted movements have on the body that requires restoration.

I recommend Vicki’s workshop to you as time well spent. It is suitable for young teenagers and anyone still standing.

 Ann Patterson, Alexandra Hills Qld


Just a quick note to let you know that I had a ‘headache-free’ sleep last night. YAY! Have been doing my exercises to keep it at bay.

Krista C, Holland Park