Body-Toning & Fat Loss

VibroGym is the intelligent way to increase energy expenditure to promote body-toning, fat loss, restore posture and increase metabolism.

Your body tone improves quickly with VibroGym because nearly 100% of your muscle fibres are activated, 55% more than conventional gym exercises. This increases lean body mass and strength with less training time than conventional methods.

A regular workout takes 20 minutes to achieve the same or better results than 60 minutes at the gym.

Cellulite Reduction

Amazing results are achieved with the VibroGym Cellulite Reduction program. A reputable German research institute, Sanaderm Health Clinic, found that when exercises & massage were performed on the VibroGym three times a week for 24 weeks, cellulite was reduced by 25.68%. When combined with cardio training this increased to 32.30%.

Enhancing Core Stability & Pelvic Floor Strength

Results from using the VibroGym for improving core stability and pelvic floor muscles are noticeable within weeks. The whole-body vibrations of the VibroGym  activates the deep abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles while training on the platform. Activation of these muscles is important for improving posture, increasing pelvic floor strength and endurance and preventing back pain.

Increase Strength and Performance

Many athletes e.g. Essendon Football Club,  Titania Grigorieva and German Olympic athletes have found the VibroGym enhances performance and resilience . VibroGym can be used to increase explosive power, flexibility, endurance by stimulating almost 100% of muscle fibres compared with 45% using conventional gym equipment during a workout.

Celebrities – Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Dani Minogue use VibroGym to stay in shape and look fantastic.

Whole Body Vibration training has been used in Europe since 1999 but is only beginning to gain popularity here amongst those committed to getting fit and staying fit.

Safe Form Of Exercise For Osteoporosis & Arthritis Sufferers

Exercising on the VibroGym is low impact and ideal for osteoporosis and arthritis sufferers.  The improvements in circulation can assist in pain management, improvement joint range of motion and muscle strength.  I have clients who are now able to participate in an active life where arthritis was preventing this due to pain and restricted movements.

There are a number of significant, positive improvements in body composition, strength & balance in post-menopausal women who were prone to osteoporosis. (Verscheurn,S.M.P et al. International Journal of Sports Medicine 2004 Jan; (1):1-5

Benefits of the VibroGym

  • Strength gains with less training time (16.4%)
  • Decreases in body fat (11.2%)
  • Decreases in  cellulite (25.68%)
  • Increases in bone mass density
  • Increases in repair & human growth hormones
  • Increase in metabolic rate (21%)
  • Increases in explosive power
  • Decreases in stress hormones (cortisol)

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