What to Expect at Ortho-Bionomy Classes or Sessions

Ortho-Bionomy classes or sessions taken by Vicki Tate are one-on-one classes in the privacy of her home based studio.  You will be fully clothed for the session and experience no pain at all.

Structure of an Ortho-Bionomy Session

For all initial Ortho-Bionomy Classes Vicki firstly will have an in-depth discussion with you so you can inform her regarding your specific needs, pain and treatment history.  Vicki will ask you many questions in order for her to have a very good understanding of your condition in order that she is best able to help you through the Ortho-Bionomy classes that she provides to you.

Once having a good knowledge of your situation and needs Vicki will either ask you to sit or stand or both whilst she examines your mobility, structural alignment and areas of pain or stress.

Techniques Used in Ortho-Bionomy Classes

In order to assist you Vicki will use a number of tried and true Ortho-Bionomy techniques focussed specifically on reducing you pain, mobility and stress problems.
All techniques used are gentle and pain free and with Vicki’s gentle hands you will experience no discomfort during the Ortho-Bionomy classes.

Ortho-Bionomy techniques include:-ortho-bionomy classes

  • Gentle rocking
  • Positional release
  • Holding of Static Positions
  • Small and very subtle movements
  • Re-education of postural alignment
  • Using the body’s energy field
  • Testing and gently extending range of motion
  • Isotonic and isometric practice

Future Ortho-Bionomy Sessions

Even after the first Ortho-Bionomy class you are likely to experience positive results in terms of increased mobility, reduced pain and stress.  Together with Vicki you will work out a strategy for future Ortho-Bionomy classes.  Usually the classes are initially more frequent and then once major improvements have been made, classes can then be attended on a less frequent basis.
Vicki will also provide you with a program of self care exercises that you can do between sessions which will be targeted to improve your particular condition.

In general (and it does depend upon the client’s condition) three or four sessions are normally recommended over a six to eight week period.  Follow this a client may be able to maintain the improvements gained through self care or may require additional Ortho-Bionomy classes around once a month or so.

If you have any doubt about whether Ortho-Bionomy is effective, please have a look at the testimonials on this website.