From Little Things Big Things Grow

Recently I discovered that I have had a break in my ankle. As you can imagine it has been a bit of an impediment.

Once I knew what was causing the pain a lack of mobility I could take affirmative action to help rectify the issues. I followed the path of finding a good Podiatrist, following his direction and purchasing some very sensible shoes and orthotics.

Yes, they did help. They were the big things. The things that looked like they would make the biggest difference.

Even after all these years, the body will still surprise me.

In my journey to regain function and comfort, I have discovered that the little things have made the biggest difference.

The tiny stretches, the attention to alignment, where I hold my weight, how often I move,  and how I move.

These small changes are making a bigger impact on the healing of my foot pain than the larger more expensive items. Don’t get me wrong, they are important. But it is the attention to detail that has made the most impact on how my ankle is healing in the shortest amount of time.

One of my clients once said “The exercises are really good. They are much better when I do them” Yes it does sound funny and a bit ridiculous.

It’s the small daily actions that will see you reaching your goals, no matter what they are.

Does your body feel like it could do with a tune-up, or need some coaching to help realign and strengthen areas that have become uncomfortable?

Have you forgotten about the exercises that got you back on track?

I’ve included one of my favourite exercises to relieve back pain and tight hamstrings. This simple exercise that helped countless numbers of people relieve back pain and shoulder pain.  Doing this exercise 3-5 times per week will make a huge difference to your health and assist you to manage pain.

You may need an individualized program. If so the recommended plan is to make an appointment where you can be fully assessed and a suitable program will be developed for you. Before you know it you will be feeling much better and enjoying life again.

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