Scoliosis Case Study

Scoliosis Case Study – Pain Relief thorough Ortho-Bionomy

The following scoliosis case study is based on the experience a young client of mine with scoliosis had due to the effective and correct usage of Ortho-Bionomy techniques.

Her name has been kept confidential.  I hope that if you too are a sufferer then this scoliosis case study will give you hope and that you are then willing to experience yourself the benefits that scoliosis sufferers received through attending my Ortho-Bionomy therapy.

Scoliosis Case Study – Young Woman in her Twenties with Scoliosis

“Sarah” was a fit, young woman in her mid 20’s. She had been diagnosed with scoliosis in her teenage years and was suffering from neck, shoulder, upper, mid and lower back pain.

She was very sceptical about Ortho-Bionomy, stating, ”I don’t know why I bother. Nothing works anyway”. She had tried many different therapies and had not been able to find relief for any length of time. I was attending her workplace doing short sessions for the workers in their lunch and tea breaks to help them deal with a very stressful job taking emergency calls from with people in extreme circumstances.

We worked on a massage table for 15 minutes, with her fully clothed, jumper and all. I found the most comfortable position for her neck, which was quite tilted to one side and very tense. Once her neck was comfortable, Sarah immediately sighed and said how much it relieved the ache in her neck. I also showed her how she could get relief from her nagging back pain with a very simple home exercise.

The following week she reported that she had relief from her neck pain for the whole week from our short time together. She asked her boyfriend to try the spinal “twist” which allowed her to be relatively pain-free in her upper back as well.

During the 2nd session, we worked with her pelvis which was quite rotated and causing her pain, again taking her to positions of comfort. I explained that if she did the exercises I was to give her it was possible to correct her condition. We began with 2 simple exercises to alleviate her mid back tension and to stabilize and strengthen the small muscles of her pelvis.

“Sarah” continued to come and see me on a weekly basis in her lunchtime. After five visits the pain in her shoulders, neck and lower back had gone. Now her ribs were causing her trouble. On examination, I noticed that her spinal curvature was almost gone too.

She reported that her waist had become even and now she could wear clothes that until recently had not fitted her properly. On a visit to her family, her mother had commented that she was walking differently – more evenly with both of her legs and hips instead of leading with her right all of the time.

During those five visits, “Sarah” had left my office with simple exercise she could do at the computer desk or standing and waiting in queues, with a few which were better done at home in a relaxed environment. The exercises I prescribed were to re-establish functional movement patterns and alleviate any pain or discomfort which may arise between visits.

Next, we needed to address the twist in her ribs. By this time she found her ribs caused her more discomfort than any other part of her spine. Ribs are involved in almost every function from breathing to moving in any direction. They never get a rest because we breathe constantly.

Over the next few visits, I showed her how to assist her ribs to untwist and sit comfortably with her spine. She was very willing to persist because she could see the enormous changes that had happened in such a short time with a condition that would only get worse with age. Her perceptions were changing.

After her tenth visit, I reassessed her spinal curves and her rib patterns and found them to be incorrectly aligned positions. She was completely pain-free!!

This young woman now has a set of exercises to help her whenever her neck, back, ribs or shoulders cause her strife in the future, as well as ones to help maintain her new and healthy spinal position.  “Sarah” has noticed that her flexibility and strength have both increased with this simple, safe and pain-free work.

If you know of anyone of any age who suffers from Scoliosis, I can certainly assist them to find a pain free life with gentle retraining and strengthening exercises. The treatment is painless and empowering. My philosophy is to teach you the methods and exercises, so you can maintain your own health.

I hope this is helpful to you in your healing journey.

Vicki Tate