Exercise – Treatment for Longevity

A Queensland study at QUT found that exercise treatment for longevity benefited women who were prescribed exercise as medicine.

Debra Anderson and colleagues reviewed the literature to reveal that moderate to high-intensity activity is essential to improve health outcomes in older women.

They reported that all studies found that “physical activity was associated with lower rates of cognitive and physical decline.”

The researchers also found that exercise or lifestyle activities that improved heart and lung capacity showed the most positive impact on physical health for women.”
These findings suggest that programs should support women to participate in regular exercise. This could be in either public health initiatives, home-based exercise programs or organised group activities.

Around Brisbane, you can find loads of free outdoor activities to incorporate physical activity into a healthy lifestyle. Our climate at present is perfect to get out and about. Take 30 minutes a day to get your heart rate elevated and get a little puffed.

VibroGym classes are another excellent way to improve your strength, agility and maintain a healthy weight. Sessions are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Norman Park. They only take 20-25 minutes to complete and extensive exercise program with long-lasting benefits.

The tailored and supervised programs suit people of all ages and abilities to engage in safe, low impact, high intensity exercise to obtain the positive effects of:

  • increased lean muscle mass
  • Improving balance
  • Improved strength
  • Improved posture
  • assists in repair of injuries
  • increased flexibility
  • increased metabolism
  • increased bone density.

If you would like to get fit and trim on the VibroGym, call Vicki on 0429 030 111 for your free trial.


Anderson D, Seib C, Rasmussen L.  “Can physical activity prevent physical and cognitive decline in postmenopausal women?: A systematic review of the literature.”  Maturitas. 2014 Jun 20. pii: S0378-5122(14)00206-0.